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JOBS Act 2012: Investors' Gold Rush

Most VC/startup commentary I have read on the JOBS Act so far has been either entrepreneurs raving about easier access to seed funding, or VC raving about easier exits through more lenient IPO rules. Distressed Debt Investing has a different … Continue reading

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How to be a Billionaire

Very hands-on down-in-the-woods presentation about entrepreneurship by the Instagram's founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger when they were still dirt poor. I liked it because there was refreshingly little conventional wisdom, and a couple of interesting points were made. Key takeaways: … Continue reading

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Startup Biz Models

The problem is that this deeply held belief in “revenue exceptionalism” over “margin exceptionalism” is a hangover from the industrial era. Unlike industrial era companies, information businesses tend to be deflationary, shrinking the overall revenue of an industry. They also tend to have … Continue reading

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Great Public Speaking Despite German Accent

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